1If I switch sanitation companies, who picks up my recycling?
Your recycling service remains the same. The cost of recycling is built into your taxes so you pay nothing extra by switching sanitation companies. Whoever is contracted by the Town to pick up your recycling will continue to do so.
2How can Warwick Sanitation save me money?
Warwick Sanitation is your other choice for a sanitation company and the only sanitation company headquartered in Warwick. We stimulate competition which in turn drives prices down. As a full-time resident of the Town, our money stays in the Town. As a local business, we believe in promoting and patronizing local businesses to drive the local economy.
3Why use Warwick Sanitation instead of a larger sanitation company?
When you use a smaller local company, you get personalized service. The owner is always available. We are responsive to your needs and are only a phone call away.
4How is Warwick Sanitation engaged in the community?
We live in Warwick. Our customers are our neighbors. We are active in community events and support local charitable and non-profit organizations.
5Do you provide the trash receptacle?
YES. We provide different size receptacles at different monthly rates. We also offer you the opportunity to support charitable organizations by requesting custom receptacles.
6What if I have a few extra bags of household garbage on my pickup day. Will there be an extra charge?
NO. We expect some extra trash from time to time, especially around the holidays.
7How should I handle the BIG items that won't fit in my garbage can like debris from the yard or remodeling?
We can provide a dumpster for large volume debris, or, if you have one or two large items, we can pick them up. Call ahead to arrange.
8What if I need help loading the container you provide?
We can give you as much help as you need based on a reasonable hourly rate.
9What's with the pink cans!?
We donate to the American Cancer Society for every can we purchase.
10Do you have other color cans?
YES. We also have green cans.
11Where does the trash go?
We take the trash to the Orange County Transfer Station, and it is then shipped to upstate NY or PA.